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Company Overview

Company Profile

Sir Frank Bowden who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, bought a tricycle from Woodhead, Angois and Ellis who together owned a small bicycle factory located on Raleigh street in Nottingham. He often used the bicycle and found his health returned. He not only became an avid cyclist, but also bought the factory from which he had purchased his first bicycle.

Under his control the company quickly grew and moved into new factory buildings in 1896 located on Faraday road, Lenton, Nottingham. This is where the factory was located for over 100 years and where many iconic Raleigh bicycles and components were made, like the all steel traditional Raleigh roadster, the Sturmey Archer range of elliptical gears and the Raleigh Chopper.

Today Raleigh still has its head office in Nottingham, as well as offices in the USA (Seattle), Taiwan (Taipei), and a factory in Canada (Toronto).

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The Bicycles

We design them, we play with them, we ride them, we race them, we commute on them. Our bicycles are a product of the passion that started over 120 years ago. They mean more than just saving money, or being an accessory to the latest trend, or a status symbol to grab attention. We look at bicycles as an extension of ourselves, our history but most of all we consider the people who will be riding them.

The Raleigh bicycle of today is designed by local people for local people. A Raleigh bicycle in Holland is not the same as a Raleigh bicycle in South Africa, the climate is different, the geography is different, the economy is different, the culture is different, so why offer the same bicycle? Raleigh doesn’t; in fact we believe this is a strength of our business and embracing differences in cultures is one of the reasons Raleigh is a worldwide name in bicycles.

Raleigh bicycle ranges currently include Road, fitness, mountain, childrens, leisure, trekking, 29er, cruiser, fixed wheel and roadster. The bicycle ranges Raleigh offers will always be driven by customers and will change over time.

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Raleigh Values

Right from the start the bicycles that were produced were high quality and innovative, but it became more and more evident that a Raleigh bicycle had to be seen as value for money. Value for money has never meant cheap in a Raleigh factory, it means what is says, getting the most from whatever your budget. A Raleigh bicycle has often been priced as more expensive than a competitors bicycle, and yet it would still be named as the best value for money as it would ride better, last longer and the likelihood of an accident through broken parts was greatley reduced.

Raleigh has been involved with bicycle sport all its life. Sir Frank Bowden got involved in the world of racing very early and in 1892 at least 2,300 bicycle races were won on Raleighs. Raleigh has sponsored many riders over the years including A.A. Zimmerman, Reg Harris, Joop Zoetemelk and more recently Olympian Nicole Cook.

Raleigh has also spent much time and effort sponsoring local riders, some from Raleigh shops who can give good local exposure to Raleigh as well as quick feedback on the latest designs.

Raleigh is also careful how each of its bicycles is sold. Even a Raleigh bicycle should be checked and tested before a rider is allowed to take their bicycle from a shop. We also make sure there are adequate servicing and maintenance facilities available as all bicycles require regular servcing, Raleighs are no exception.

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Team Raleigh

Raleigh of Nottingham is building on its UK Team successes of 2010 by adding international riders to its team and taking part in International Tours in 2011.

Raleigh aim to re-establish themselves at the very height of professional road racing again, reminiscent of their racing successes of the 20th Century.

For more information please visit http://www.teamraleigh.co.uk/.

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Other Brands

Raleigh never had the luxury of having a monopoly on bicycles, but along the way the company has acquired many different bicycle companies and their intellectual property. These include famous names like Rudge-Whitworth (Britain's best bicycle), Humber (The aristocrat of all bicycles), Hercules (The finest bicycle built today), BSA (Perfect in every part), Triumph, Phillips (Renowned the world over), Robin Hood (Easy on the road, light on the purse), Diamondback, Carlton, Cyclepro and Sunbeam.

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Worldwide Partners

Raleigh has created strong relationships with the manufacturers they use. This relationship is crucial in making sure all products are to Raleigh standards. Engineers and designers from Nottingham, Seattle and Toronto will regularly visit Raleigh’s manufacturing partners, performing inspections, helping with production development and other required testing. The close relationships that have been built up over the years, combined with the sharing of knowledge is now producing some of the very best bicycles Raleigh has produced.

Raleigh also has many licence partners, who hold the distribution rights for a set area, and often get involved with local development of Raleigh bicycles. These partners work closely with Raleigh, encompassing the essence of Raleigh and yet adding the valuable local touch to the brand.

Click here if you wish to apply to be a Raleigh Partner.

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